Community Support

This adult program (19 and older) offers case management services to individuals who have a severe and persistent mental illness (Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder or Schizophrenia). The purpose of the program is to assist individuals to improve their daily functioning within their residence and community environment. Goals may include helping individuals maximize their independent living, increase daily living skills and social involvement and decreasing frequency and duration of psychiatric (re) hospitalization. Interventions focus on activities of daily living, education, budgeting, medication compliance, relapse prevention and social skills. Individuals may be involved in the Outpatient Mental Health and Medication Management programs in conjunction with Community Support. Contact with individuals may occur weekly up to monthly depending on their Treatment Plan. Services are typically provided in the individual’s home and social environment.  All of BVBH’s offices provide Community Support services.

 Outside entities wishing to make a referral to our community support program: please complete our referral form and submit it to the appropriate contact stated on the form. 


Unless otherwise noted, these services are provided at all BVBH locations.