Emergency Services

BVBH provides after-hours emergency services for all residents in our sixteen county area. Individuals may contact the emergency phone number to access on-call staff. Initial intervention and risk status will be completed over the phone. If further involvement is necessary, BVBH staff will contact a TASC Crisis Response Counselor to further address the needs of the individual. The after-hours emergency number is 1-877-409-6600.

Targeted Adult Services Coordination (TASC)

The Targeted Adult Service Coordination (TASC) program is a collaboration between Blue Valley Behavioral Health and other area-wide behavioral health providers. TASC is made up of several levels of care that are intended to support and enhance emergency services currently available in the Blue Valley Behavioral Health 16 county service area. Blue Valley Behavioral Health’s involvement with TASC involves the availability of Crisis Response Teams (CRT). These teams are focused on intervention and services that are provided at the request of law enforcement when a crisis situation is occurring with a distraught individual that is experiencing an imminent behavioral health issue. This innovative service is designed to divert consumers from Emergency Protective Custody (EPC) placement and connect them with resources in order to maintain independence and support through community-based care. The CRTs may be available to the local rural hospitals and help provide assistance to those who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis.