Mental Health Treatment

Mental health services and behavioral therapy are provided on an individual, family, and/or group setting. A sampling of mental health problems that are treated may involve depression, anxiety, relationship issues, family conflict, anger control, bipolar disorder, trauma, and grief. Youth related issues such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, conduct and oppositional disorders, trauma, school and peer-related problems, and parent-child conflict are also treated in this program.

A thorough assessment is completed during your first session at one of our offices. During this time, our mental health therapist gathers general background information to identify and treat the presenting problem(s) adequately. In addition, the treatment goals are agreed upon between the individual and therapist. In subsequent sessions, time is spent developing a better understanding of the contributing issues to the mental health concerns, and effective coping skills and recovery-based mental health resources and behavioral therapy methods are implemented.

Please contact your nearest office for additional information or to schedule your mental health counseling appointment.

Unless otherwise noted, these services are provided at all BVBH locations.

Outpatient Treatment

This assessment and treatment program is provided for adults and youth and services are provided in the BVBH offices (or via Telehealth). The assessment is typically an hour and individual sessions are usually between 45-60 minutes and usually occur every one to two weeks. As progress occurs, sessions become less frequent. Treatment groups and Psychological Evaluations may also be available in this program (based on availability and office).

Youth Assistance Program (YAP)

The YAP is a school-based (K-12) intervention service that is coordinated with a school SCIP Team (or similar entity). This school team is able to help identify youth who may be experiencing difficulties related to behavioral health issues. With parental consent, the youth will be referred to the YAP counselor who will then meet with him/her and family members to process the current concerns. An intervention may lead to the resolution of the identified concerns or may result in a referral to other services. The YAP is offered in several school systems and is available via telehealth.

Strong Ties Family Support Group (Lincoln Office)

Strong Ties is a free support group for spouses, siblings, children (age 19 and older), family members, friends and significant others who are involved with someone who is dealing with a mental illness. This group is an avenue to give/receive information and support from people who share similar circumstances. It’s a safe environment to ask questions about how to best help the person you care about during different phases of his/her mental illness. Strong Ties will be led by the different staff of Blue Valley Behavioral Health who have expertise in providing treatment and other mental health services. Various materials and other resources to enhance learning opportunities will be available.

Strong Ties will be provided every Wednesday from 6-7:30 pm at the Lincoln office, 3901 Normal Blvd. Suite 201. Please call (402) 261-4017 for further information.

Telehealth Services

Blue Valley Behavioral Health (BVBH) is one of the leading behavioral health telehealth providers in Nebraska. Telehealth is treatment services that are provided over the internet (meeting Federally approved internet confidentiality and security standards) and the provider and client are in two different office sites. Both are able to see and communicate with each other over a monitor/screen and the session proceeds as if they were in the same room with one another. BVBH has been able to integrate telehealth with several of their outpatient services (Mental Health/Substance Abuse Therapy, Substance Abuse Evaluations, and Medication Management) and can be provided in any of their locations in Southeast Nebraska.

Adults and children along with individuals and families can use telehealth in an effective way. BVBH applies certain tested procedures to ensure the telehealth experience is successful for both the client and provider. It has been through the use of this progressive and effective use of telecommunication that people are able to access treatment services faster, have less time to wait for their initial and ongoing appointments and attain services that may have once been unavailable to them. Each BVBH office is set up for the use of telehealth and is provided on  a regular basis. Please contact your local office for further information.